The Prize Has Not Been Awarded!

Just to let you all know:

Time to get your hopes up again!

The winner we selected was unable to claim the prize. Keep your eyes on your emails! We will be selecting another random number from our entries. It may be YOU!

forks sign

Forks sign

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Only One Hour Left to Enter!

There is only an hour left to enter to win the six-day trip to the Olympic Peninsula! Enter here:

And, keep checking this website to learn about the winner, other specials for those of you who enter AND more questions answered by Vampire Daniel.

Sarah from Tennessee wants to know: What Italian restaurants do you have at the Olympic Peninsula? Vampire Daniel: Bella Italia in Port Angeles is where Bella ate mushroom ravioli (and Edward watched, of course) and Pacific Pizza in Forks (where they serve Bellasagne with Ed Bread). Enjoy your meal. Sorry I can’t.

Daniel at Bella Italia in Port Angeles

Daniel at Bella Italia in Port Angeles

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Contest ends tomorrow!

Can’t believe it’s almost over. We certainly have had some fun (and will continue to do so!) with our Vampire Daniel. He will continue to answer questions long after the contest ends.

Here’s what is going to happen next: When the contest ends, all the entries will be put into one database. A random number will be drawn and the entry assigned to that number will be the grand prize winner. We’ll make sure it’s a human (and not someone’s kitty!) and 18 years of age or older. If your name is not drawn, we will remain in contact with you to let you know things going on around the Peninsula, particularly special offers to our Twilight and vampire friends and fans.

We hope all of those of you who dream of coming here can make the trip soon. Please let us know if we can help with planning for your trip. 360-452-8552.

Gorgeous morning on the Peninsula

Gorgeous morning on the Peninsula

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Tour with TeamForks

As part of the prize package for Ask Our Vampire, you and your three friends will get to have a tour of places mentioned in Stephenie Meyer’s books. You cross the Treaty Line at Three Rivers on the way to First Beach in La Push. Step aboard!


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Can’t you just taste it? Lunch at Renaissance!

Lunch at Renaissance is part of the prize package for Ask Our Vampire. Can’t you just taste it already?

In Port Angeles, Renaissance is a center for vitality and wellness
featuring massage, classes, and a tea and coffee bar.

Based on the renaissance themes of renewal, exploration, creativity, and embracing the best of traditions, Renaissance is a place to visit for great massage, wellness classes, a local farm fare lunch, or simply to sit, savor a mug of steaming coffee, while enjoying the water view, a friendly conversation, or pondering the big questions in life.

Check out the food and fare, please check out their website!

cheese sandwich and soup

ooooey, goooey local cheese grilled to perfection  


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Daniel answers a few more vampire questions!

Hi All,

forks sign

Forks sign

I’ve got a few more answers to questions. There are so many it’s hard to choose which ones to answer. I’ll try to answer ones that are representative of many and ones that are very specific. Daniel!

Question from Shauna in Montana:  Will there be a movie about Jacob and Renesmee? It would be really cool if there was. :) Daniel:  Their love story needs to be told.  We will find a vessel for writing up the story sometime in the future.

Question from Marilu in Nevada:  What do you do to keep busy when you are not sleeping? Daniel: Believe it or not, I do needlework.

Question from Siobhan in Ohio: What fun activities are there to do in Forks? Daniel:  Humans seem to enjoy hunting and fishing.  And, everyone finds plenty of wonderful hiking, swimming and tree climbing in the area.

Question from Rose in Indiana: What is it like living, where they did a movie? Daniel: They did NOT make the movie here.  Their mistake. It was too remote to be convenient for them. Perfect location, if you know what I mean!!

Question from Rose in Indiana: We all pretty much know what Twilight things there are to do in Forks. My question is, what is your favorite Non-Twilight related activity to do in the area?! It’s so beautiful there I know there must be a lot! Daniel: Again, I probably have an answer that will surprise you! Our local library is well used because we all love to read.

Question from Tina in Washington:  The books and movies have brought life back into a sleeping town it has brought visitors from near and far what is the one best and. Bad thing that has come to your life and to the town. Daniel: We are so happy the world has discovered what a special place the Olympic Peninsula is.  Local folks (and others!) and the City of Forks are pleased to share our bounty with the world.

Question from Lori in Oregon: How many visitors do you get on average each year since the Twilight books came out? Daniel: We get about 40,000 documented visits – those people who come to the Forks Visitor Center and sign the register there. So, I cannot image what the real number is, since not everyone stops and signs. It’s phenomenal.

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Daniel answers some questions!

treaty line

Treaty Line

Question from Jennifer in Connecticut: Is it possible to get lost in the Hoh Rainforest?

Daniel: I don’t get lost in the Hoh Rainforest, but it’s definitely possible for humans to get lost if they wander off the trails. We always recommend that someone know where you intend to hike, when to expect you home, and stay on the trail. Taking the 10 Essentials – even for a day hike – is a good idea. It’s not usually backpackers who get in trouble. They are expecting to stay out in the wilderness. Day hikers aren’t usually prepared for an unexpected night or two in the elements!

Question from Cindy in North Carolina: What’s the best time of year to visit Forks?

Daniel: Well, that’s a tough question for me to answer. If you like storm watching and blustery days on the beach, winter. If you want to do high-country hiking, summer, after the snow melts. If you are like bird watching and want to check out the jaw-dropping wild flowers and gushing waterfalls, then spring. Fall is a good time to visit if you want the warm days of summer, glorious fall leaves changing color and crisp morning air – and not so many people as summer. Hope that helps, Cindy!

Question from Wendy in Ohio: Where in Forks is your favorite place to spend a quiet afternoon? There has to have a lot to look at. I love nature.

Daniel: Wendy, this may sound odd, but there is a lovely little walk through the woods around the back of the Visitor Center here in Forks. It’s beautiful and peaceful in the woods, yet close enough to keep an eye on all the people who have come to visit our special place on the planet. I find great entertainment in being quiet in the woods and watching the excitement of our visitors. Thanks for the question.

I will be answering more questions soon. There are so many to read through. Thank you for your interest in our area and good luck. Hope to see you as the winner of our contest!


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A Cozy River House – A Twilight Location

A Cozy River House is one of our great sponsors for the Ask Our Vampire campaign. If you don’t win the humongous Ask Our Vampire prize package and are still planning to visit Forks, take a look at the accommodations.

You can stay in a cabin where Stephenie Meyer stayed!! A Cozy River House I in Forks, WA. Yes, she’s been a guest and you can be, too!

Check-out for a current Twilight Special, and LIKE it on Facebook ( to keep up with various Forks happenings and specials. See you in Forks!

A Cozy River House I

A Cozy River House I


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